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Teaching Ideas to help children learn their Times Tables

Teaching Ideas to help children learn their Times Tables

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

If you are looking for new ways to help your children learn their times tables, take a look at our enormous list of apps, games and resources below. You could also have a dedicated times tables day or week to raise the profile of this topic and encourage your children to focus on their multiplication knowledge!

If you have any other suggestions, don’t forget to leave a comment below to share your ideas. Thank you.


  • Hit the Button is a fantastic, free game for practising maths facts, with lots of different options for times tables. As well as being good for individual practice on devices, it can make a fun class activity on an interactive whiteboard. Try forming a relay team to come up and answer questions, or nominate a “button hitter” while the rest of the class say the answers.
  • Try out DoodleTables, which has a free trial of their great interactive resources.
  • Use the popular TimesTablesRockStars site; the children love competing against each other!
  • Dorling Kindersley has a great free Times Tables app for Apple devices.


  • Either give the children a bingo grid for the times tables you are studying, or ask them to write either the answers or the calculations for a given table (or tables), and use them for a bingo game.
  • Challenge children to find patterns in a multiplication square.
  • Try this quick and fun game for the end of a lesson.
  • Play ‘Beat the calculator’. Put children into pairs, one with a calculator and one with a whiteboard and pen. Call out a times tables question: who is fastest to show the answer?
  • Give the children a number of items (such as counters or cubes) and challenge them to show a times table using them.
  • Write multiplication questions on Jenga blocks. As players take a block, they also solve the calculation.


Times Tables Teaching Pack


  • This YouTube channel uses popular songs to teach times tables, such as the 8 Times Tables to the tune of Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

  • The Musical Me on YouTube also has a great selection of Times Tables covers, such as this version of Radioactive.

  • Challenge your children to learn this Rolling Numbers routine!

Learning Times Tables in Other Subjects…


  • Challenge the children to use a spreadsheet to create a multiplication square (Here’s how).
  • Play “Beat Alexa / Google / Siri”. Ask a voice assistant a times tables question and challenge your children to give the correct answer before it responds!
  • Challenge children to create a video, presentation, or animation demonstrating times tables. For example, they could make and video different arrays.

Design Technology:

  • Make a Multiplication Wheel using our free template.
  • Challenge children to find a given number of Lego bricks or wooden blocks (such as 2 x 5) and build something using all of them.
  • Fold a Fortune Teller and write multiplication facts on it. This video explains how to make a fortune teller:


  • Create a times tables picture. For example, can you draw a picture that includes numbers in the two times table (like a pair of shoes, four place settings, and so on).
  • Thread beads onto a string in a pattern that shows the times tables, such as three red, three blue etc.
  • Create a multiplication square using mosaic techniques.


  • Create a times table rap.
  • Beat out the rhythm of times tables on a drum or other percussion instrument.


Physical Education:

  • Write the answers to times table calculations on the ground in chalk. As children jump on the numbers, get them to shout out the calculation.
  • Set up a hopscotch game with times tables as the squares.
  • Set up a relay race. As the children pass the baton, they have to answer a times table question.
  • Recite times tables while skipping. How far can you go?
  • Allocate a different action to each answer in a times table – for example; 2 jump twice on the spot, 4 hop 4 times, 6 take 6 paces. Call out the questions and children respond by doing the actions.
  • Put the answers to times tables questions round the space. When you call out the question, children run to the answer.
  • Chant tables while the children warm up for PE.
  • Set up hoops with different multiplication questions in them. When you call out an answer, the children throw a bean bag into the hoop with the matching question.
  • Give children a piece of chalk and challenge them to write times tables on the playground.
  • Chalk out a large number line and ask children to jump along it, showing the times tables. For example, 1 x 7 = 7 (so they jump on 7), 2 x 7 = 14 (so they jump on 14).
  • Create a scavenger hunt with times tables questions to solve.
  • Write times table questions on a beach ball. As children catch it, they have to solve the question they can see on top before they throw it to another person.
  • Get moving to your times tables with the BBC Super Movers.

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