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Beat The Teacher

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Marie Willis

This game is very simple, and children really love playing it.

I do it during one of the mental sessions in the Numeracy hour, usually on the same day each week, because the children really look forward to playing it!

Basically, it is a competition between the children and myself. I ask quite hard Maths questions (which can cover a variety of topics / concepts and be suitable for the children’s age / ability). If the children get the answer right, they get one point. If they get it wrong, I get the point. The first to score 5 points gets a permanent point on the scoreboard.

This alternative version of the game was contributed by Sanjana:

As part of the mental Maths, I write a selection of number sentences (add & take away) on the board and choose somebody to work out the answers in 1 minute.

If he/she gets one wrong, I rub all the answers off and ask somebody else to start all over again. If a child tries but fails to get all of the answers correct, I get the point, otherwise, the class win a point.

My children love this game, and this has really reinforced working out the answers mentally and paying attention to the signs.

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