Saturday, December 2, 2023


Imaginary Iggy

by Mark Warner

Matilda and Iggy are best friends, but they grow apart as Matlida grows older. Can the magic of Christmas bring them back together?

Coin Operated

by Mark Warner

A young boy takes a ride on a coin-operated spaceship and is set on a path to make his dreams come true.


by Mark Warner

Watch this animated video about the French aviator, Jacqueline Auriol, and then try some of the suggested teaching ideas with your students!


by Mark Warner

Two wildebeest contemplate crossing a river. Should they or shouldn’t they?


by Mark Warner

What do you love to do most? Watch this inspirational message about a young man’s dreams of flight.

These videos show three short films showing footage from a ‘trip of a lifetime’. They are based on the themes of movement, food and learning.

Bunny Situation

by Mark Warner

An evil scientist working in a giant theme park tries to catch a bunny that escapes from his laboratory.

Little Boat

by Mark Warner

A little boat floats from place to place. Where will it go? What will happen to it?