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Types of Minibeasts

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

There are lots of different types of minibeasts. All of them are invertebrates (i.e. animals without a backbone), so we have created a poster that helps children to identify different types of invertebrates.

The full poster includes examples of each type, with an image and a label. There are also two other versions of the poster, including one with blank labels (so that children can write the names of each creature) and one without pictures (so they can draw and label their own examples).

Here are some other suggestions for using these resources in the classroom:

  • Ask children to choose a minibeast and describe it to a partner. Can the partner guess which minibeast is being described?
  • Challenge your pupils to choose a creature and find out more about it.
  • Ask the children to think of a minibeast. Without looking, can they identify which group it might belong to?
  • Find out what common features the creatures in each group have.
  • Get your pupils to create their own ‘minibeasts’ poster with images, labels and information about the different types.

Have you used these resources in your classroom? Tell us your experiences in the comments below…


Types of Minibeasts

Types of Minibeasts

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