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Medusa Art

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7
Miss W

This was a great idea from another teacher that I used with P1-3 when they were doing Ancient Greece as a topic.

You need:

  • different colours of plasticine,
  • A3 laminated outlines of a person’s head and shoulders,
  • several large colour pictures of Medusa,

WALT (We Art Learning Today):

  • To create pictures of Medusa using plasticine,

WILF (What I’m Looking For):

  • sausage shapes for snakes in hair
  • open mouth of Medusa
  • “overlapping / intertwining” snakes

Before the lesson begins, put the plasticine near to a radiator so that it’s soft by the time you need to use it!

Children can work in pairs or individually. They can roll the plasticine to create snakes and facial features for Medusa’s head. Discuss the relevant vocabulary and WILF objectives. Encourage children to do different widths of snakes and have them going all different ways.


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