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Teaching Ideas for a Titanic Topic

Teaching Ideas for a Titanic Topic

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

If your children are learning about the Titanic on the anniversary of its sinking (15th April), or at any other time of the year, try some of these teaching and activity ideas!





Design Technology:

The Inventors and Inventions Pack



  • Listen to some popular music from the time:

  • Compose a piece of music inspired by the Titanic’s story.
  • Try creating rhythmic patterns based on Morse Code.

  • Create sound effects to accompany the story of the Titanic.


  • Map the Titanic’s intended route and where it sank. This page shows the journey.
  • Learn about the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Choose two places that were part of the Titanic’s journey and compare them. What is the same, and what is different?
  • Make a list of navigation methods (such as SatNav, using the stars etc.) Which methods were available to the Titanic? Which methods did they use? This video is a good explanation:


The Titanic Pack

Physical Education:



  • What safety procedures do we follow? Why do we have safety procedures?
  • Discuss how it might have felt to be on the Titanic, before and during the disaster.

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