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Russell the Sheep

Russell The Sheep

by Mark Warner
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A quirky bedtime story, introducing endearing insomniac, Russell the Sheep. Sometimes Russell the Sheep is just a little bit out of step with the rest of flock. All the sheep are falling asleep – except Russell. He’s tried everything, but he’s still wide awake. What’s a sheep to do?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • ‘Russell’ and ‘rustle’ are homophones. Can you find out any other homophones? Could you make a class display which shares different homophones that you find?
  • Rustle is an example of onomatopoeia… Find out what onomatopoeia means… Can you think of any other examples?
  • Russell tries going to different places to help him to sleep. Can you describe each place? Use the illustrations to find a wide range of descriptive vocabulary.
  • Russell’s froggy friend appears in the illustrations regularly. Could you rewrite the story from the frog’s point of view?


  • Russell counts up to six hundred million billion and ten. What is the biggest number that you can count to?


  • Can you design a new hat for Russell (see Resources below)?


  • Look on Google Maps. Can you find a place like Frogsbottom Field in your local area?


  • Russell decides to count things to help him to relax and fall asleep… Think about things that help us to relax. What can we do to relax when we feel angry or upset?


Russell's Hat

Russell’s Hat

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