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Fancy Dress Jungle

Fancy Dress Jungle

by Mark Warner
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All the jungle animals love wearing fancy dress – but who’s hiding under each disguise? Children will love lifting the sturdy, die-cut pages to find out. Tiger has come as a cowgirl, Lion is a pop star, and Parrot’s dressed as a pineapple

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a story about one of the characters in the story, e.g. a crocodile that wears armour, a cowboy tiger.
  • Investigate the rhyming in the book. Can you make a list of all the rhyming words?
  • Write a description of one of the fancy dress costumes.
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of the pop star lion (or the pumpkin parrot!).
  • Create a new version of the book about animals that live in a different habitat (e.g. Fancy Dress Ocean, Fancy Dress Desert).


  • Explore the illustrations and look for shapes. Could you count each type and make a graph to show the results?


  • Take a digital photo of yourself and use painting software to add a fancy dress costume to the picture.

Design Technology

  • Create a new page for the book in which another animal is wearing a fancy dress costume that can be removed.
  • Use craft materials to make a fancy dress costume for a cuddly toy animal.
  • Find out about different ‘pop-up’ techniques and create your own pop-up book.


  • Look at the background textures on each page. What do you notice about them? Can you try to create some of your own?


  • Compose some music to accompany the fancy dress parade.


  • Find out about parades that take place around the world. Where are they? What are they for?

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