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Grumpy Frog

Grumpy Frog

by Mark Warner
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Grumpy Frog is not grumpy. He loves green, and he loves to hop, and he loves winning. But what happens when Grumpy Frog doesn’t win, or encounters – horror of horrors – a Pink Rabbit?

Join Grumpy Frog as he learns about compromise and tolerance, friendship and the power of saying sorry.


  • Write your own story about a grumpy animal. What might happen to it.
  • Think of synonyms for different emotions (e.g. happy, excited, sad, angry, grumpy).
  • Most of the text in the story is written using direct speech. Can you rewrite part of it using reported speech?
  • Write a diary entry from the frog’s (or the pink rabbit’s) point of view.
  • Write a letter from the frog to pink rabbit to apologise for his behaviour. How might the rabbit respond?
  • Make a list of words that could be used to describe different shades and tints of green (e.g. lime, pistachio, emerald).
  • Watch this video, in which the author reads the book, and think of some questions that you would like to ask him:


  • Write a report about frogs. Where do they live? How are they adapted to their habitat?
  • Create a food chain / web that includes frogs.


  • Create a game in which a frog has to avoid things by hopping.
  • Use publishing software to make a poster that shows actions you can take to help yourself when you are feeling grumpy.

Design Technology:

  • Could you make some puppets to represent Grumpy Frog and Pink Rabbit? Use them to perform the story to an audience.


  • Draw some illustrations that show a person (or an animal) showing a range of emotions. Our free emotions cards may help with this activity.
  • Mix paints to show different shades of green (and other colours).
  • Design a new banner or flag that Grumpy Frog could wave when he needs to say sorry to his friends.
  • Draw Grumpy Frog by following along with this video tutorial:


  • Find out the names of different colours in other languages.


  • Think of some times when you felt grumpy. Why did you feel that way? When / how did your emotions change?
  • Make a scale that shows different emotions. Use an arrow to show how you are feeling right now.
  • Think of some things that you could do to help somebody who might be feeling grumpy.
  • Make a list of things that you can do to improve your own emotions when you are grumpy.
  • How do you feel when you lose a game? Make a list of the best (and worst) ways to behave when you lose at something.
  • The animals all forgive Grumpy Frog when he is mean to them. What does it mean to forgive somebody? Can you think of a time when you have forgiven a friend or family member?

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