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by Mark Warner
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Bubble is a goldfish who swims round and round unhappily in his tank. Cat is his friend and wishes he could show him the world. One day, Cat has an idea to set Bubble free. But is Bubble ready to swim off into the world and leave behind his friend?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • The story is written in the first person. Can you rewrite it (or parts of it) in the third person?
  • Could you retell the story from Bubble’s point of view?
  • A cat and a fish are unlikely friends. Can you plan and write your own story about two people / animals who might not normally be friends?
  • There are lots of short sentences in the story. Can you join some of them with connectives? Does this improve the story?
  • Think of different words to describe a cat’s appearance and personality.
  • Think of different words to describe a goldfish’s appearance and personality.
  • Add some new speech / thought bubbles for both animals in the story.
  • Make a set of instructions to teach people how to look after a pet cat / fish or another animal.
  • Write a newspaper article about a cat who has been spotted carrying a goldfish around the city in a bucket.


  • How many lighthouses can you find in the illustrations? How many ducks? How many fish?

Design Technology

  • Design a new safe container that will let Cat carry Bubble around the city in.


  • Describe the use of colour (and different shades of colour) in the illustrations.
  • Can you try to paint a rainbow? What colours will you need to use? (see Resources below)


  • If you had a friend who had only just moved to the local area, what would you like to show them? Can you plan the route?
  • If you could wander ‘wild and free’ somewhere, where would you like to go? How would you get there?


  • Cat and Bubble are good friends. Cat wants to help Bubble to see the world. If you could help one of your friends, what would you like to do for them?


Rainbow Photo

Rainbow Photo

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