Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Michael Foreman


by Mark Warner

We have lots of ideas for activities linked to Michael Foreman’s lovely book about a Cat and a Goldfish who are Friends. Take a look!


by Mark Warner

Share this heart-warming story with your children and try some of our suggested teaching ideas too!

Cat In The Manger

by Mark Warner

Long ago, in a faraway land, a cat lived in a barn. Of course, he had to share it with all the other animals: cows and chickens and-mice! Then, one wintry night, the door flew open and in came a man and a woman on a donkey…


by Mark Warner

Looking for teaching ideas for Superfrog! by Michael Foreman? Try some of the activities from our long list!

War Boy

by Mark Warner

Looking for ideas for War Boy by Michael Foreman? We have plenty of cross-curricular activities to inspire you.

Seal Surfer

by Mark Warner

Use this wonderful story about a boy and a seal in your classroom! Explore our free teaching ideas and activities for Seal Surfer by Michael Foreman.