Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Share this delightful book with the children in your class and then try some of our related ideas and activities.

These small printable reward notes are perfect tokens to give to your children as a reward for achievements in different subjects and for good behaviour.

The Cloudmaker

by Mark Warner

Use this video (about a young cloud maker) in your classroom with our suggested teaching and activity ideas!

Up And Down

by Mark Warner

Up and Down is a lovely story about friendship to use with your class. Have a look at our great teaching ideas for this book by Oliver Jeffers.

Secret Friends

by Mark Warner

Looking for ideas for Secret Friends by Elizabeth Laird? Explore our collection of teaching and learning activities for some inspiration.

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue is a wonderful story about friendship. Explore our suggested teaching ideas and use it with the children in your classroom!


by Mark Warner

Use this delightful picture book about Blip the robot with your children. We have lots of related teaching ideas and classroom activities!

On Sudden Hill

by Mark Warner

Try some of our teaching ideas and classroom activities based on this wonderful picture book.​