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Cat in the Manger

Cat In The Manger

by Mark Warner
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Long ago, in a faraway land, a cat lived in a barn. Of course, he had to share it with all the other animals: cows and chickens and-mice! Then, one wintry night, the door flew open and in came a man and a woman on a donkey…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • The story is written from the cat’s point of view. Can you rewrite it (or part of it) in the third person?
  • Could you retell the story of the Nativity from a different animal’s point of view?
  • Compare this story with a different version of the Nativity story. Which do you prefer? Why?
  • Choose one of the illustrations and imagine what the animals in it might be thinking / feeling.
  • Write your own version of the Nativity story.


  • Make a timeline that shows the order of each new arrival in the barn.
  • Work out how many visitors came to see the new baby. How many people? How many animals? How many eyes did they all have? How many legs?


  • Create a newspaper article that reports on the arrival of the special baby.
  • Create a video report about the events in this story.


  • Can you create your own scenes of different animals arriving in the barn?
  • Describe how the illustrator has used different colours to show the darkness of the barn at night… or the light from the sunrise.

Religious education

  • Can you explain why this story is important to Christians?
  • Can you describe why the baby in the story is so special? Why did so many people come to visit him?
  • Why, do you think, did the cat stop catching mice after the events of this story?

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