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Favourites Bingo

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Katie Pullman

Each child is given a grid of four squares by four squares, with each one numbered 1 to 16. The teacher then decides what the ‘favourites’ category for each square will represent, to which the students will write their answer in the corresponding square.

For example:

  • square one: favourite colour
  • square two: favourite movie
  • square three: favourite tv show, etc.

You can make up your own.

Once all 16 have been filled up, the student must then find someone else in their class with a corresponding answer to match theirs. For example, if the favourites category for square one if “favourite colour”, and the child’s favourite colour is green, they have to find someone else whose favourite colour is also green. This student will then sign that square of the newly met person and vice versa.

Once finished, a completed grid will have 16 different peoples’ signatures on it who have the same answers as them.

The only rule – no repeated signatures; each of the 16 must be from different people. (This will allow for greater mixing of students and promote discussions between them.)

I’ve found this to be an insight for me to learn about students too – Hope you find it useful!

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