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Friendship Wall

Friendship Wall

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Help your children to think about friendship using our free resources! Try using the printable goodies below in some of the following ways… or leave a comment if you have another idea.

  • Print the display banner and use it at the top of a classroom display about friendship.
  • Add the ‘Qualities of a Good Friend’ bricks to the display. Talk with the children about each word:
    • What do the words mean?
    • How can the children show that they have those qualities?
    • Are some of the suggestions more important than others?
    • Can the children think of a time when a friend acted in one of those ways?
    • Can your children think of any other good qualities for a friend?
  • Use the editable bricks and create a brick for every child in your class. Display these as part of your own friendship wall display.
  • Ask your pupils to use the ‘My Friendship Wall’ resource to create their own wall… with the names of their friends and the qualities that their friends have.

Thank you to Alison Curling for the inspiration for these resources.


Friendship Wall

Friendship Wall Banner, Activity Sheet and Vocabulary Bricks

Download File

Friendship Wall Bricks

Editable Friendship Wall Bricks

Download File

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