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Make That Shape

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Kim S

Materials needed: elastics x 12 (each one approx. 4m long with the ends tied together – like used in the old playground game of elastics!)

Optional materials:

  • a 12 x 12 grid marked on the ground (chalk/tape)
  • a timer/stopwatch if you want teams to challenge each other.

Aim: To make different 3D shapes using the elastics.

How: The students work in teams to make a visual representation of a given 3D shape.

They might act as the ‘corner posts’ and place the elastics around their ankles, necks, knees, wrists etc.

They might use the grid on the ground to ensure that the edges are the correct length, e.g. If creating a cube, they can easily make the bottom four vertices by standing on the four corners of the grid.

I always make the teams use the correct mathematical language when constructing the shape, and if stopwatches are being used, time penalties can be given for not using the vocabulary.

I have played this with Year 4 and Year 6, and they LOVED it and found it quite challenging at first. It, without a doubt, improved their vocabulary use, property knowledge and visualisation skills.

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