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The Dinosaurs In History

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The dinosaurs lived on Earth for approximately 160 million years. What animals and plants were around before them? What came after them?

A printable banner is available for free download below, showing different periods in time and the creatures that were around at each point in History. Here are some suggested ways of using the banner in your classroom:

  • Let children use the banner as a reference tool to find out about how life on Earth has changed throughout the different periods in time.
  • Challenge pupils to find the names of other creatures who first appeared in each period in time.
  • Discuss when some of these creatures disappeared from the Earth. What caused them to become extinct? What would life be like if they were alive today?
  • Ask pupils to create their own timeline using the information on the resource below.
  • Print the banner and add it to a classroom display.


The Dinosaurs in History

The Dinosaurs in History

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