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Equivalent Fractions Activity

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Roger Rooke

This is a problem-solving activity which stimulates thinking around equivalent fractions.

It has a “fun” element to it, and it links to the subject of Sports Statistics, e.g. “How does Ron Manager decide who are the best penalty kickers in his football team?”


  1. Set up a small group target game for 3 or 4 pupils. This could be tossing a ball or a bean bag into a classroom waste paper bin from a set distance.
  2. Give each pupil in the group a try at the target game BUT restrict/define how many attempts they can have e.g.
    Sabina – 2 attempts
    Shila – 4 attempts
    Irshad – 8 attempts
  3. Record the successes on a chart e.g.
    Sabina – 1/2 (1 on target, out of two attempts)
    Shila – 3/4 (3 on target, out of four attempts)
    Irshad – 5/8
  4. Pose the question – “Who was the best at this game?” – pupils discuss in pairs and explain their reasoning.
  5. A fraction chart on the EWB will help to model cognitive thinking.

Note – The highest number of attempts can be varied to 10, 12, 15, 16, 20 etc. depending on the stage the children are at.
Older pupils might like to research the success rate of penalty kickers at their favourite football club and compare their findings.

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