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Balloon Questions

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
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Preparation: Blow up at least 50 balloons of different colours and sizes. Put symbols or numbers on some of the balloons with a magic marker. Put all balloons into big trash bags and bring them to class. When the time comes for the activity, empty the balloons around the front of the classroom.

In class: Let the fun begin! Students will be amazed and excited when they see the balloons floating around. In the target language, encourage students to ask each other questions about the balloons, such as:

  • Who can break the yellow balloon?
  • Which colour balloon has the star on it?
  • How many black balloons are there?
  • Is this balloon larger than that balloon?
  • Which colour balloon is the smallest of all?
  • What does the largest green balloon have?
  • Is that balloon over in the corner larger than these balloons?

Obviously, in this activity, the students become very active and involved, and they like the excitement of breaking the balloons. Do a lot of this! If you blow up even more balloons, it will generate new and different target language questions and answers (and becomes more fun!).

Alternatively, when emptying out the balloons, you can personalize the lesson by giving each student a balloon. For example:

  • Is Mary’s balloons larger than Bill’s?
  • Who has the pink balloon?
  • Everyone who has a red balloon, break it.

Note: Surprise the students with this activity for the best effect rather than have them blow up the balloons. The surprise makes it more exciting!

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