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French Bingo

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Claudine Beaton

Playing bingo is an excellent game to help reinforce children’s understanding of numbers or any key noun vocabulary that you have taught them.

When preparing my class to play I ask the children to choose between a selection of numbers that they have learned e.g 30 – 50. They then write in their chosen numbers in pencil on a grid paper e.g. 4 squares for Year 3 or 9 squares for Year 6.

Then I call out the numbers and the children cover up any called out no’s with a counter. This helps to save endless time on producing lots of individual bingo cards. Using four box grids will enable the children to choose four nouns out of a possible 12 to write in English so that when they hear their noun in the target language, they can cover it up like in number bingo. I encourage the winners to come out and call next time. More shy pupils can choose a friend to help.

The children swap papers after each game so that they all have a new paper to complete. This activity is loved by all children I have taught in KS2.

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