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Garden Birds Resources

Garden Birds Resources

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

A number of resources are available for download below, all of which show different garden birds. Use them in the classroom by trying some of the following ideas:

  • Show the PDF files on an interactive whiteboard and ask the children to describe the birds. What words / phrases could they use?
  • Ask the pupils to choose a card at random and research information about the chosen animal.
  • Choose two (or more) of the birds and think of ways they are similar / different.
  • Ask children to create their own artwork using the photos as a starting point.
  • Choose one of the cards at random and write a story that includes that bird.
  • Use the observation sheet to keep a record of any birds that you spot in your garden / school area. Use the results to create graphs and charts. Can you repeat the survey at a later time and compare the results?

If you have any new ideas about using these resources in the classroom, leave a comment below…


Garden Bird Photos

Garden Bird Photos

Download File

Garden Bird Collages

Garden Birds Collages

Download File

Garden Bird Observation Sheet

Garden Birds Observation Sheet

Download File

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