Sunday, July 21, 2024

What Makes You Feel…?

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Anna Clements

I found this useful on supply (a sort of PSHE/circle time activity which fills at least an hour in the afternoons!)

  1. I read a book about feelings (happy, sad, cross, excited, etc).
  2. Then, I discuss what makes the children happy, sad, angry, etc. and suggest ideas if the children are a little hesitant.
  3. Split the board into quarters and write one feeling in each. Draw an occasion where someone might feel this way (e.g., happy when playing football, sad when no one will be their friend etc.).
  4. I have, before the lesson, quickly split a page into four, written a basic emotion in each and photocopied one for each child. I then gave these to the children, and they drew their own pictures of when they felt sad, angry, etc.
  5. The more able children who finish early can then write/ copy a sentence into each box (e.g. I am happy when it is my birthday).

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