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Visiting the Beach

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Here are a number of ideas for activities to try when you are exploring the beach / seaside.

  • Sketching – Ask the children to sketch different things that they have found on the beach / at the seaside.
  • Alphabet Hunting – Try to find items which begin with each letter of the alphabet. These could be recorded with written notes, sketches, photographs, videos or a collection of items which are safe to pick up and bring back to school (see Resources below).
  • Beach Photography – Show the children how to use digital cameras and ask them to take the perfect beach photos. These could be used as part of posters / persuasive leaflets when you return to school.
  • Beach reports – Use voice recorders / microphones to record an audio report about the beach visit. These could also be used to record sounds that can be heard at the seaside.
  • Listen to the sounds that you can hear at the beach. How are these similar / different to those that you might hear around school / at home?
  • Animals and plants – Make a list of the animals / plants that you might find at and around the beach.
  • Carry out a litter survey. Discuss how we can help to reduce the amount of rubbish left on the beach.
  • Interview local residents and visitors. What do they think about the beach? How could it be improved?
  • Sandcastle competition – Have a sandcastle building competition… which individual / team will make the ‘best’ sandcastle. Prizes could be awarded for best team, best design, most imaginative castle etc.
  • Beach Treasure Hunt – Challenge the children to find particular items on the beach. Make sure that the items on your list are actually there before they start!
  • Shape Hunting – Ask pupils to try and spot things that are different shapes (see Resources below).
  • Beach Photo Hunt – Before the visit, take some digital photos of things on / around the beach. Print these, save them on a mobile device, and challenge children to find them when they visit the area.
  • Rockpooling – This can be a really exciting and enjoyable activity if you have the equipment and adult support.

If you have any of your own ideas, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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