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Thought of You

Thought of You

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

An animated story of love and loss told with wonderful choreography and beautiful animation.

Watch this short animated film about a rescue dog hoping for a new owner, and try out our teaching ideas.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Think of words and phrases to describe the movements in this video.
  • Who are the characters in the video? How are they connected?
  • What questions would you ask the characters if you had a chance?
  • Pause the video at different points and think of ways to describe how each of the characters might be feeling.
  • Think about what happens next to each of the characters.


  • Use Pivot Stick Animator (or other animation software) to create an animation of a character dancing.
  • Take digital photos of people dancing and use these as the starting point for your own drawings / storyboards / animations of dancing.
  • Watch the ‘Making Of’ video to find out more about this video and its production:


  • Pause this video at different points and try to recreate the poses of the characters. Look at the lines that the artist has used to animate them.
  • Look at pictures / videos of people dancing (or take your own) and use these to inspire your own artwork.

Physical education

  • Choreograph a dance that could be used as the basis for a similar animation. Could you use the song from this video in your dance?
  • Choose your own song and create a dance that tells a story.

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