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by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Sam Collins

Pip is the story of a small dog with a big dream—to become a Southeastern Guide Dog. Does she have what it takes?​

Watch this video with your children and then try some of our teaching and activity ideas below.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a list of the human behaviours that Pip shows. What effect does this have?
  • Listen to audio description version and then write your own. What do you need to include to make the story come alive?

  • Write a character description of Pip, or the trainer.
  • What does Pip’s behaviour tell you about her? Make a table showing the things that she does in one column and what that tells you about her personality in the other.
  • Stop the film at 0:54. How is Pip feeling? How do you know? Compare to 2:24. Write a description of Pip’s body language at both points.
  • Make a storyboard of the video.
  • Write the story from the point of view of the trainer.
  • Stop the film at 0:13. The construction equipment in the background will become very important later on. This technique is known as foreshadowing. Look at a range of fiction books and collect other examples of this technique.
  • Write up Pip’s experience as a newspaper report to be put on the entrance hall wall.
  • Discuss how the newspaper stories on the wall (for example at 0:33) are used to tell the story. Why have they been included? What do they add?
  • Write a report about the work of guide dogs. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association have some good resources to support this.


  • Make an obstacle course game in Scratch or a similar program.
  • Research and make a presentation about the work of guide dogs and other assistance animals.

Design Technology

  • Design a safety outfit for the trainer to protect her when falling over!
  • Design and make a simple food dispensing machine.


  • Listen to how the changes in the music reflect Pip’s feelings. Describe how the composer does this.
  • Chose a short section of the film and write a new soundtrack for it.


  • Find out about the history of guide dogs.This webpage is a good starting point for older children.​

Physical education

  • Set out a simple obstacle course for the children to navigate in pairs, with one of them blindfolded. ​


  • This film has been made as part of a fundraising effort for a charity. Discuss ways in which your school or setting support charities.
  • Pip has to overcome difficulties to achieve her goal of being a guide dog. What is your goal?
  • Ace is Pip’s inspiration. Who inspires you and why?
  • Use the ROSPA materials to teach about building site safety.

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