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Ways to use Pokemon Go in the Classroom

Ways To Use Pokemon Go In The Classroom

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Pokemon Go is an AR (augmented reality) game in which you explore the real world and use a mobile app to ‘catch’ hidden Pokemon creatures. These appear on your map and can be collected, trained, evolved and also used in battles. The game can be used as the starting point for learning in many different subjects.

Many of the activities below can be completed in the classroom after a fun-filled session of catching Pokemon outdoors (although this isn’t essential).

If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Create a set of instructions to teach people how to play Pokemon Go.
  • Write a review of the game. Look at the existing reviews in the App Store. Can you use similar words and phrases?
  • Create a character description of a Pokemon.
  • Write a fiction story based on an adventure that one of the Pokemon has.
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of your avatar in Pokemon Go.
  • Create a fact file about some of your favourite Pokemon.
  • Write a persuasive letter to your teacher asking them to let you play the game in your lessons!
  • Write a balanced argument that outlines the positive and negative arguments related to using games in school.
  • Write a newspaper article about the Pokemon Go ‘craze’ that is sweeping the globe.


  • Calculate how far you have travelled during your Pokemon catching sessions.
  • Use the game to discuss position and direction, e.g. in which direction is the nearest Pokestop?
  • You could also investigate angles (and clockwise / anti-clockwise) while playing the game, e.g. how many degrees should I turn to face the nearest Gym?
  • Use Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort Pokemon into different groups.
  • Compare the weight and height measurements of different Pokemon (this information can be found in the Pokedex) and use this for data handling / statistics activities.
  • Compare your own ‘Seen’ and ‘Caught’ statistics (in the Pokedex) and use these for data handling activities.
  • The game offers in-app purchases. Work out the different items that you can buy with £5, £10 or £50. What items would you buy within the game and why? How much would you have left?
  • When trying to catch a Pokemon, the target is a circle. Use this as the starting point for work on the parts / area of a circle.
  • Look in your in-game Journal and calculate the time differences between some of the events.

Ways to use Pokemon Go in the Classroom


  • Choose a Pokemon and write a report about it. Where does it live? What is its diet? How is it adapted to its surroundings?
  • The Pokemon can evolve into other creatures. What is evolution? How have plants and animals evolved throughout history?
  • It’s possible to ‘incubate’ eggs in the game. What is incubation? What different conditions do plants and animals need to grow and survive?
  • While playing the game, turn off your mobile device and look at the habitats around you. What plants and animals live there?


  • Create a video tutorial that teaches people how to play the game. Here is an example:

  • Create a database that includes different types of information about various Pokemon.
  • Make a video advert to promote this game to others. Watch these examples for inspiration:

  • What is AR (augmented reality)? Can you find any other games or apps that use AR? Could you design and plan your own AR game?
  • Create a branching database to help others identify different Pokemon.
  • Use Scratch (or similar software) to design a new game that is based on a character collecting Pokemon.
  • Create a stop-motion animation based on the Pokemon characters.
  • Design some new items that could be sold in the in-game shop to make it easier for players.
  • Discuss potential eSafety issues related to using the game. This video reports on some possible problems:

Design Technology

  • Make your own ‘Top Trumps’ style game based on Pokemon.
  • Design an offline version of the game (e.g. a Pokemon-themed treasure hunt) with clues to help others find the hidden creatures.
  • Create a model of one of the Pokemon in the game (or one of your own designs).

Ways to use Pokemon Go in the Classroom


  • Design a new Pokemon creature.
  • Design a new set of badges / achievements for players of the game.
  • Create a comic strip that tells a story about Pokemon.


  • Compose some new music to accompany the game while you are playing.


  • Create a map of your local area and show the Pokemon that you have discovered there.
  • Different locations on the map have been chosen as Pokestops. Create a guide to each location to teach others about the places when they arrive there.
  • Identify other important places in your local area and explain why you think they should be new Pokestops.
  • Plan a route between different Pokestops in your area. How far is the journey between each stop?

Ways to use Pokemon Go in the Classroom

Physical education

  • In the game, you have to throw Pokeballs to catch each Pokemon. Could you design a similar game to play in real life?


  • Make a set of guidelines to teach people how to stay safe when using Pokemon Go. You could include information about road safety and stranger danger.

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