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The Parts of a Computer

Parts of a Computer Resources

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Two sets of cards are available below, showing the different parts of a computer and the matching text. The first set has the pictures and the text in the same order.

The second set has the words printed in the opposite order so that the pages can be printed and stuck back-to-back with the images and the text in the matching place. These could then be laminated.

Download the resources below and try some of these activity ideas:

  • Print one set of pictures and one set of words. Cut them all out, turn them over and shuffle them on the table in front of you. Play a game of matching pairs, so children have to pick up two cards. If the picture and the text match, they can keep them and choose two more. If they don’t match, they have to put them back, and the next player has a turn.
  • Cut out a set of pictures / words, jumble them up and challenge children to match them together.
  • Give children a set of pictures and / or words and ask them to write a definition. What does that part of the computer do?
  • Print a set of words and ask children to draw a picture of that part of the computer.
  • Find a computer in your class / school and use the cards to label the parts that you can see.
  • Use the cards on a class display.

An additional set of labels and definitions resources are also available:


The Parts of a Computer

Parts of a Computer Resources

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