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Teaching Ideas for Safer Internet Day

Teaching Ideas for Safer Internet Day

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with your children using this collection of teaching and activity ideas! These activities can also be used to support your work on eSafety throughout the year.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a persuasive poster that teaches other children how to stay safe online.
  • Try our Who Would You Tell? activity and discuss the types of personal information that children would be happy to share online.
  • Could you write a story that teaches young children about the potential dangers of the Internet?
  • Read Chicken Clicking and try some of our suggested teaching ideas.
  • Write a set of instructions to teach people how to use a particular type of technology safely.


  • Carry out a survey of your children’s favourite online activities.


  • Make a list of passwords. Can you decide which ones are strong passwords and which ones are weak?
  • Make two social media profiles for fictional characters. Can you make one which is safe and another that is unsafe?
  • Use publishing software to design some rewards (e.g. printable bookmarks, badges or certificates) to that can be given to children who stay safe online?
  • Explore the ‘Staying Safe’ section of our Internet tutorial, Welcome to the Web.
  • Create a video news report to share what children in your school have been learning about as part of Safer Internet Day.
  • Review a website that is popular with children in your class. How does it encourage users to stay safe? Are there any potential dangers?
  • Design a ‘Safer Internet Day’ greeting card that could be sold in the shops.
  • Use an avatar creator (or graphics software) to design an avatar that you can use to represent yourself online.
  • Create a set of 140-character messages that could be posted on a school’s Twitter account to encourage families to stay safe online.
  • Use the ideas and resources in our Internet Safety Pack.
  • Watch a selection of Internet Safety videos. Here is one example:

Design Technology

  • Could you design a board or game that teaches children how to stay safe online? Use our template here.


  • Design some posters that share important eSafety rules.
  • Design a ‘mascot’ that could be used to promote Safer Internet Day around the world.


  • Could you make a song based on an internet safety theme? Here are some examples:


  • Find out about the history of the Internet. How has it changed during the years that you have been alive?


  • Imagine that your friend is being bullied online. How could you try to help them?

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