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Tom Rabbit

Tom Rabbit

by Mark Warner
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Tom Rabbit is Sammy’s soft-toy rabbit. He is happy with Sammy. But one evening, Sammy takes Tom Rabbit out to the back field to see the real rabbits – and leaves him on the wall. The sun sets and the moon rises, and dozens of wild rabbits appear. But just as Tom Rabbit thinks he’s been abandoned for the night, Sammy appears and carries Tom Rabbit back home to bed.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write the story that explains how Sammy and Tom Rabbit first met.
  • Look at the use of speech marks in the story. Can you write your own sentences, including speech marks in the correct places?
  • Could you write a new story about a toy that gets left behind?
  • Write a new version of the story where Tom Rabbit goes off to see where the wild rabbits live. What might happen? How will he get home?
  • Ellipses are used regularly in the story. Why has the author used them?
  • Tom Rabbit is ‘happy’ at different points in the story. Can you think of other types of emotions? Can you make a list of words that describe how people can feel?
  • Could you act out the story with some friends?
  • Can you write a sequel for this story in which Tom Rabbit has a new adventure?
  • Could you make a set of instructions to teach people how to look after a pet rabbit?


  • How many rabbits can you count in the illustrations?


  • At night time, the sun sets on the field and the moon rises. Can you find out / explain why this happens?
  • Read books and find out information about rabbits. What types of habitats do they live in? What do they eat?
  • What kinds of plants and animals can you identify in the illustrations?


  • Could you make a stop-motion animation featuring rabbits? Watch this video for some inspiration:


  • Design a new outfit for Tom Rabbit to wear.
  • At one point in the story, Sammy and Tom Rabbit sit on the wall. Draw the image that they can see while they are there.
  • Draw your own illustrations for the story and put the speech into speech / thought bubbles.
  • Look at photos of farms and draw some pictures of the things that you might find there.
  • Look at the illustrations in the book. What materials / techniques were used to make them? Can you try to create similar pictures?
  • Look at photos of rabbits and use these to draw your own pictures of them (see Resources below).


  • Sammy and Tom Rabbit live on a farm. Are there any farms in your local area? What type of farms are they?


  • Tom Rabbit is left alone on the wall. How does it feel to be alone? What should you do if you find yourself on your own in a place that you are not familiar with?


Rabbit Pictures

Rabbit Pictures

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