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The Three Horrid Pigs

The Three Horrid Pigs And The Big Friendly Wolf

by Mark Warner
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Mother Pig has had enough of her three horrid little pigs. So she packs their bags and sends them on their way. The first two little pigs build their houses by stealing straw and pinching twigs. The third little pig is so lazy, he moves into a hen house! What horrid little pigs they are! Will the big, friendly wolf help them see the error of their ways?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Create your own ‘twisted’ version of a popular story where the hero is naughty and the villain is good.
  • Can you find any synonyms for ‘horrid’. How many different ways could you describe the pigs?
  • Write a prequel to the story about an adventure that the naughty pigs had.
  • Carry out some role-play activities in which you take the role of the pigs / the wolf. How did you feel at different points in the story? Why did you behave in the way that you do?
  • Rewrite part of the story in the form of a playscript and perform is to an audience.
  • The pigs’ mother says that she has had enough of the ‘pesky pigs’. Can you think of some other ways of describing different animals using alliteration?
  • Make a recipe for the soup that the wolf makes in the story.
  • Read the original story of the three little pigs. How is this similar / different? Which do you prefer? Why?
  • Write a letter from the wolf to the pigs, in which he explains how he was trying to help them.
  • Write some letters from the pigs to the wolf, in which they apologise for their behaviour.


  • How many animals live in the house at the end of the story? How many legs do they have altogether? How many eyes do they have?


  • Use modelling software to design a new house for the animals to live in.
  • Look at animated versions of the original story. Could you make an animation that retells this story?

Design Technology

  • Think about the materials that were used to build the different houses in the story. What makes them good / bad materials to use on a house?
  • Can you design a new house for the pigs to live in? Look at different types of houses and shelters to get ideas.
  • Find out about the tools that people use when they are building houses.


  • Find out about different types of houses and shelters that people have used throughout history. How have they changed?


  • Imagine that you are the pigs’ mother. Can you think of some rules that might help them to behave?
  • The pigs aren’t very nice when the friendly wolf offers to help. How should they have behaved?

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