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The Hueys in the New Jumper

The Hueys In The New Jumper

by Mark Warner
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The thing about the Hueys is that they are all the same- They all look the same, think the same and do the same things. Until one day, Rupert knits himself a new jumper. How will the other Hueys react?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a prequel to this story. Who are the Hueys? Where did they come from?
  • Think of different words that can be used to describe Rupert’s new jumper. Can you describe the colours / patterns / texture?
  • Look at the illustrations on the inside front and back covers. How have the Hueys changed throughout the story? Write about what might happen next.
  • Retell the story from Rupert’s point of view, adding how he felt as the story went on.
  • ‘The New Jumper’ is part of a series of books about the Hueys. Think of a selection of different plots for books in this series. Can you write one of these and add illustrations too?
  • Watch / listen to this narration of part of the book. Could you record your own, using expression / music / sound effects?


  • Look at the illustrations and identify any shapes that you can see.
  • Look at the picture of the speaker in the illustrations. Can you try to draw sketches of 3D shapes?
  • Count how many Hueys you can find in each picture.
  • Design a new jumper for Rupert, adding different patterns to the front (see Resources below).


  • Look at the shadows in the illustrations. How are shadows formed?
  • Look at a jumper and other types of clothes using a microscope. How are the materials different?


  • Use painting software to draw your own picture of a Huey.
  • Watch this trailer for the book. Could you make your own?

Design Technology

  • Learn how to knit something like Rupert.


  • Draw your own picture of a Huey.
  • Design a new jumper for Rupert to wear (see Resources below).
  • Make a comic strip that tells a new story about the Hueys.
  • Draw lots of stick figure characters and try to show a range of emotions by varying their posture / facial expressions.
  • The Hueys don’t have any feet. Can you try to draw your own characters with or without feet? Which do you prefer? Why?
  • Try sketching your own foot / shoe.


  • Draw a map showing the world in which the Hueys live. What might their houses / streets / towns look like?


  • Make a family tree showing the different relationships in a Huey family.


  • The Hueys are all the same. Imagine what life would be like if everyone was exactly the same. How would this make you feel?
  • Challenge your friends to do exactly the same task as you (e.g. draw a picture of a dog, write a story about an elephant). Are your pictures / stories exactly the same? Why not?
  • Rupert is ‘proud as can be’ of his new jumper. What are you proud of? Why?
  • Why are the other Hueys horrified when Rupert does something different? How do people sometimes feel about new / different things? Why is this?
  • Look at the facial expressions of the different Hueys in the story. How are they feeling?


Jumper Template

Jumper Template

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