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Evaporation Activities

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Carole Davies

1) Discussion – Ask the children, “Where does the water go from a puddle in the playground?”. Discuss as a class first, then get them to share their ideas in groups. Walk around the class, listening to their ideas. Then feedback these as a whole class, with more discussion (what do they think of each other’s ideas?).

2) Practical Activity – Measure the temperature in different areas around the playground. Also, make a note of which areas seem wetter and usually stay wetter for longer after rain. Discuss the link between the two factors – temperature and wetness.

3) Set a Challenge – How can you evaporate water from this saucer? How can you make it evaporate quicker?

4) Observation – Observe a kettle boiling. Discuss what happens around the room – on the glass etc.

5) Teacher Demonstration – Boil water in a test tube over a candle. Ask the children to observe, look and listen to changes. Ask them, “Where is the water evaporating / condensing?”

6) Set a Challenge – How can you set up a water cycle? (e.g. plastic bottle and a small amount of water, put over heat then over cold)

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