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Send for a Superhero

Send For A Superhero

by Mark Warner
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It’s time for bed and Dad is reading Emily and little Elmer a story…

“Danger! Filth and Vacuum, The Terrible Two, are trying to destroy the world!”

Who will save the day?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • What features of comic strips can you find in the story (e.g. panels, captions, speech / thought bubbles)?
  • How many examples of onomatopoeia can you find?
  • Think of new captions for some of the panels in the story.
  • Choose one of the pages and describe what is happening to a friend. Could you rewrite the story as a narrative?
  • Make some new ‘Wanted’ posters for Filth and Vacuum. Can you add more details to describe their crimes?
  • Create a set of instructions to help Class Perfect with their studies (e.g. How to be good? How to be nice?).
  • Create a story about one of the superheroes that Mayor Troubleshoot calls.
  • Create a newspaper article about one (or all) of the events in the story.
  • Create a new page for the story, in which a new superhero tries to catch Filth and Vacuum.
  • Write the new chapter that Dad starts reading at the end of the story.


  • Use software to create your own comic strip and share this with an audience online.
  • Can you create a database that includes information about different superheroes (e.g. special powers, location, enemies).

Design Technology

  • Could you make a model that recreates a scene from the story?


  • Work with a partner / group to create your own comic strip about a superhero.
  • Could you turn one of your favourite stories into a comic strip?
  • Create the storyboard for a film / animation about one of the superheroes in the story (e.g. Extremely Boring Man, Steel Man).


  • Make a new theme song for a movie about one of the superheroes in the story.

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