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by Mark Warner
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In the city park, two friends are startled by the sudden appearance of a king, who thrusts into their hands a map and some strange objects. But before he can explain, the king is captured by enemy forces and whisked back into his enchanted world. Just like that, the girl and boy are caught up in a wild dash to rescue the mysterious monarch.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • This is the second book in a trilogy. Can you write a summary of the first book for somebody who hasn’t read it before?
  • Think of some captions and speech / thought bubbles for every illustration in the book.
  • Write a narrative (or playscript) version of the book.
  • Retell the story from the point of view of the girl, the boy or the king.
  • The girl has a red pen, the boy has a purple pen, and the king has an orange pen. Could you write an alternative version of this story with a character who has a different coloured pen?
  • Create a set of ‘Wanted’ posters about the girl and boy. Why do the city’s soldiers want to capture them?
  • Imagine that you could draw something, and it would come to life immediately. What adventures would you have?
  • Think of words that describe different colours and shades of the same colour.
  • Write some conversations between the boy and the girl at different stages of the book.
  • Write a report for the city’s newspaper that describes how the boy and the girl helped to rescue the king.
  • The final book in this series is called ‘Return’. Without reading it, could you imagine what might happen?


  • Record a TV-style interview with the girl who answers questions about her adventure.
  • Create a persuasive advert (in the form of a poster, a radio advert or a TV advert) to promote the magical sets of pens.
  • Could you design a game based on this book? Could the characters go on a journey to collect the coloured pens?
  • Can you plan, record and edit your own ‘movie’ version of this story?
  • Watch this trailer for the book. Could you make one of your own?

Design Technology

  • Create a model of the city using different materials.


  • Could you create your own wordless book (or trilogy!)?


  • Create your own puzzle map based on your school or local area. Could you think of clues to describe / represent different places?


  • Find out the names of different colours in other languages.

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