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by Mark Warner
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Monty LOVES inventing, but things don’t always work – His walking toaster ran away and the robot went BERSERK! But then one day, Monty found a book with instructions on how to create inventions very rare-read it if you dare!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a new story about another invention that Monty makes.
  • Create a persuasive advert that tells people why they should buy Monty’s new walking toaster.
  • Write a page from the inventions book that Monty finds.
  • There are lots of examples of onomatopoeia in the story. Can you find them all? Can you think of any more?
  • Find examples of adjectives that are used to describe the monsters (e.g. swampy, wobbly, slobbery, hairy). Can you think of any other adjectives?
  • Can you find any examples of rhyming within the story?
  • Make a recipe / set of instructions to teach someone how to make a new monster / invention.
  • The monsters ‘scarpered’. Think of other ways that monsters might move. Can you make a list of suitable words to describe this?
  • Create a sequel to the book showing what Monty and his new friend get up to next!
  • Make an advert / poster to promote the book. Look at this trailer for inspiration:


  • Think about the ingredients that Monty might need for one of his inventions. How much of each item will you need? Can you use these to make some word problems involving weight / capacity / ratio?


  • Write a report about one of Monty’s monsters. Where does it live? How is it adapted to live there? Does it have any special abilities? What does it eat?
  • Design a new monster and write a report about it.
  • Find out about scientists and inventors. Could you write a report about a famous scientist / inventor?


  • Use art software to create a monster.

Design Technology

  • Design and make a new monster using craft materials.
  • Design a new invention that Monty might make. Add labels to show the different features and describe how it works.
  • Make a pop-up page for the book based on one of the illustrations.


  • Draw / paint your own monster!


  • Can you find any stories from the past that include monsters?

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