Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Claire Freedman


by Mark Warner

Teach your children about a wide range of subjects and topics, using Claire Freedman’s brilliant SUPERKID book as your starting point!

Use our free ideas and activities when you are working on Tappity-Tap! What Was That? This lovely book by Claire Freedman is great for work across the curriculum.

Try some of our cross-curricular teaching ideas and learning activities based on The Great Snortle Hunt by Claire Freedman.

Use Aliens Love Panta Claus in your class with our collection of teaching ideas and activities for Claire Freedman’s funny Christmas book.

Who’s For Dinner?

by Mark Warner

Use Claire Freedman’s wonderful book with your children by exploring our collection of free teaching ideas and classroom activities!


by Mark Warner

Use Claire Freedman’s story about Monty the inventor with your class. We have lots of teaching ideas and activities for Monstersaurus.

Use this beautiful book as the starting point for learning in your classroom with our free teaching ideas and cross-curricular activities.

Children love this funny book by Claire Freedman. We have lots of ideas for using Dinosaurs Love Underpants with your class, have a look!