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Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken

by Mark Warner
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A popular folk tale about a chicken who believes the world is coming to an end.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Chicken Licken is described as being ‘tiny’ and ‘wee’. Can you think of any other synonyms for ‘small’?
  • Some of the names in the story rhyme. Could you think of some more rhyming names? Could you write a story about one of them?
  • Rewrite some of the speech as reported speech, or turn it into a playscript that you can perform.
  • Think of a new character who the animals could tell about the sky falling down. Make a new page to add to the book that includes your character.
  • This traditional story has been retold by Ian Beck in this book. Can you find any other versions of the same story (there are lots of examples here). Could you write one of your own? Here is one animated version:

  • Write a new ending for the story.
  • This story includes lots of repetition. Can you think of your own repeating story?
  • The birds in the story are all foolish. Can you think of other words to describe them?


  • Chicken Licken thinks that the sky is falling down when an acorn falls from the tree. Write a report, or make a video, to teach her about gravity.
  • Chicken Licken tells lots of other birds about the sky falling down. How many other types of birds can you think of?


  • Make an animation to retell the story (or a part of it).
  • The movie Chicken Little is based on this story. Can you create a trailer or storyboard for a new animated version of the story?


  • Draw a picture to show what it might look like if the sky really did fall down.

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