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Library Lion

Library Lion

by Mark Warner
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When a lion visits the library, no one knows what to do: there are no rules about lions in the library. But soon, he’s indispensable – “What a helpful lion,” people say. “How did we ever get along without him?” But one day, the head librarian falls and breaks her arm, and the only way the lion can get help is to roar. And that is breaking the rules. The next day the lion doesn’t come to the library, nor the next day, nor the day after that – until Mr McBee finds him and tells him that sometimes there is a very good reason to break the rules – even in the library!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • The title of the book uses alliteration. Can you think of other alliterative book titles, e.g. The Playground Panda, The School Snake? Could you turn one of these into a story / picture book of your own?
  • Write a newspaper article reporting on the appearance of a lion in the local library (see Resources below).
  • Retell the story from the lion’s point of view.
  • Miss Merriweather is ‘very particular about rule breaking’ in the library. What rules might the library have? Can you make a poster to share the rules with others?
  • Write a ‘prequel’ to the story. Where did the lion come from?
  • Write a ‘sequel’ to the story. Where did he go next?
  • Could you retell the story on your own or with friends? Watch this video for some inspiration:

  • Plan an interview with your school / local librarian. What does their job involve? What do they like / dislike about it? How would they feel about having a lion in their library?


  • Create a report about lions. Where do they live? What do they eat? How are they adapted to live in their environment?
  • A lion can roar very loudly. How does a lion make a sound? How are sounds made?
  • How can we measure sounds? What is the loudest noise that you can make? How does this compare to a lion’s roar?


  • Use publishing software to make a set of rules for your school / local library.


  • Use photos of lions as inspiration for your own lion drawings / paintings (see Resources below).


  • Where in the world might you find lions in the wild? Can you find these places on a map?
  • Draw a plan of the library in the story, showing the different bookshelves, desks, the story corner and Miss Merriweather’s office.


  • Look at the facial expressions of the people and the lion throughout the story. What do they tell you about what they are thinking / feeling?
  • The lion is very helpful in the library. How can you be helpful in the different places that you go to?
  • Mr McBee scowls when he hears what the people think about the lion. What does this mean? Why might he scowl?
  • Miss Merriweather breaks her arm in the story. Could you find out about first aid and how to help people with different injuries?


Lion in the Library - Newspaper Template

Lion in the Library – Newspaper Template

Download File

Lion Pictures

Lion Pictures

Download File

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