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by Mark Warner
Ages: 10-14
Contributor: Sam Collins

In this suspenseful film, Francis Brandywine makes a decision with terrible consequences…

This video includes scenes of smoking and danger. Please watch it carefully to the end before using it with your children.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Tell the story from Francis’ point of view.
  • Stop the video at 0:26 and make a list of items you can see in the setting. Refer back to it when you have watched the whole film. Why do you think they have been included?
  • Stop the video at 1:38. What do you think will happen next?
  • As you watch the film, note down interesting vocabulary. Use a dictionary to find definitions.
  • Make a list of ways in which the film builds tension.
  • Write a description of what you think was knocking.
  • Write a story that uses words repeated three times,
  • Discuss why the name of the Park implies that it is small (0:32). Explore the meaning of the word “provincial”.
  • Create a newspaper report or social media post about the incident.
  • Create a missing poster for Francis.
  • Ask the children to close their eyes and imagine being in the rowboat on the lake. Then, ask them to describe what they see, hear, and feel.
  • What might Francis have written in her journal?
  • Write an alternative ending for the film.
  • Write a review of the film. What did you like or dislike about it? Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • Imagine that you are thinking about visiting Quetico Provincial Park. How might this story make you feel about the trip?


  • Write a report on the benefits of Nature Reserves. This Kiddle page is a good starting point for research.
  • Research the animals that can be found in Quetico Provincial Park. This site has an ENORMOUS list of animals that live in the park. Create a fact file or presentation about one of them.
  • Learn about the Aurora Borealis.
  • Quetico is a Dark Sky Park. Write a report explaining why light interferes with viewing the night sky.
  • Challenge your children to build a boat that floats.


  • Use presentation software to make a presentation about Quetico Provincial Park.
  • Create an animation of a boat rowing on a lake.

Design Technology:

  • Make a packing list for a camping trip. Our Camping Equipment poster is a good stimulus for discussion. What would you take to Quetico Provincial Park and why?
  • Design some oars that cannot be lost. How might you fix them to the boat while still being able to row?


  • Look at a selection of famous paintings of lakes. This page has some great examples. How have the artists given the impression of water? What techniques have they used?
  • Draw what might have been knocking on the boat.


  • Listen to the music. How does it add to the tension?
  • Create your own sound effects for the film.


  • Find Quetico Provincial Park on a map or Google Earth. Visit the web site and find out about the facilities available. Why do people visit the Park? What can they do there? What facilities are available?
  • Plan a trip from Chicago to Quetico. How would you get there?
  • Compare the city environment at the beginning of the film to the environment at Quetico Provincial Park. What is the same? What is different?
  • Research the world’s deepest lakes and mark them on a world map


Physical Education:

  • If possible, organise a canoeing or kayak session.
  • Challenge the children to build a shelter using simple materials like tarpaulin and ropes.


  • Discuss the ways in which Francis puts herself in danger, such as she did not tell anyone where she was going. What could she have done to keep herself safe? What can the children do to keep themselves safe when they go out?
  • Use the materials about smoking in this Macmillan Cancer Support pack to talk about the dangers of smoking.
  • These resources from the PSHE Association are useful when discussing water safety
  • Think about the story. When is Francis brave? When is she frightened? Can she feel both at the same time? When have the children been brave?

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