Friday, May 24, 2024

Post A Note!

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Gemma Nardini

I had a class who really didn’t get on with each other and struggled to find an activity to boost their self-esteem as well as strengthen their friendships.

I came up with Post-It notes, lots of them! I asked each child, in turn, to sit on a special chair (either the teacher’s chair or a decorated one!) and asked the rest of the class to think about a good thing that they associated with that person, whether it be a memory, act of kindness, characteristic etc.).

It took a bit of time, but the response from the children made it well worth it!

I then asked them to approach the person sitting in the chair and stick it on them!

The children really enjoyed the idea that they were all going to be covered in Positive Post-Its!

They took them home to show their parents, and some even stuck them on their bedroom walls! A really effective and fun way of using surplus Post-It notes!

Tricia Farley has contributed another suggestion…

We went one step further with the post-it idea and made cards for each person in the class saying “4 Oak thinks you are…” based on a secret poll… where each child pulled two names out of a hat and wrote a nice comment on it.

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