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Twister Maths

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Make a mat from 20 A4 pages joined together with the numbers 1-20 clearly written on them (I placed them in 4 rows of 5).

The children are then told instructions such as ” Put your left foot on the answer of 3 add 5″ and so on, just like the game Twister!

Repeat until the child has two feet and two hands on the numbers. I got the rest of the class to do “Thumbs up and thumbs down” if the child’s answers were correct (it also helps children learn their left from their right!).

Wendy Tebbatt has suggested the following adaptations:

I use a Twister mat as A4 paper tends to tear. Write a single-digit number on each spot, then let the child throw 2 or 3 dice to make a total number. They have to put their hands and feet on the numbers to add up to the total. The more hands and feet, the higher the score. A bonus can be given to anyone who has to use their head as well.

Other variations:

  • Vary the number and size of the dice.
  • Use multiplication instead of addition.
  • Let children use a number balance to work out the optimum answer.
  • Disallow using the same digit twice in an answer.
  • Play the game in pairs with mixed-ability children.

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