Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Ages: 7-11
Roger Rooke

This is a Numeracy Game called “PIG” suitable for Key Stage 2 children (7-11 years).

I find it best played 2v2 to encourage cooperation and joint decision-making. The players have one standard die and they roll to decide who goes first. Players then roll the dice as many times as they like and keep a running total BUT if they throw a number 1, they lose their current score and record zero (which can be easily turned into a pig’s face). This is called getting the PIG. Players can hold their current score by passing on the die to their opponents. An advanced version can be played with two dice, and the two dice are then multiplied – this is called MULTIPIGATION.

This is a great activity for quick addition and also introduces children to probability, i.e. “When is it a good time to hold your score and pass the dice on?”

Players can have five turns each or continue for a certain duration.

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