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Even Bigger Decimals

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The following activities could help when teaching children about decimals larger than 2.0.

Number Line

Draw a number line on the board (from 0.0 to 10.0, with markings for each tenth). Point at a marking on the number line and ask the children what that number is. They can answer in decimals or fractions (depending on your choice) and you could ask them to aim to reply as quickly as possible.

This activity can also be found in the form of a worksheet below. Children should look at the number line and write in the table the numbers (in fractions and decimals) shown by each letter.

Answers (only shown in decimals) for this worksheet are:


What’s the Number

Draw a number line on the board (from 0.0 to 10.0, with markings for each tenth). Explain that you are starting at a certain point (e.g. 5.2). Tell the children that you move five-tenths forward and 9 tenths backwards. Ask them where you are now. Repeat, giving more complicated instructions each time.

Match the Numbers

This activity (which is based on the worksheet below) requires children to draw lines from a fraction to the decimal of the same value. Some of the decimals and fractions may be written in words rather than figures.

Matching Fractions and Decimals

This activity (contained on a worksheet below) is similar to previous activities in this section, requiring children to complete the spaces in a table. Numbers are not in numerical order. The answers are as follows:

Fraction (words)Fraction (figures)Decimal (figures)Decimal (words)
One Unit and Two Tenths1 2/101.2One Point Two
Two Units and Four Tenths2 4/102.4Two Point Four
Three Units and Five Tenths3 5/103.5Three Point Five
Five Units and Six Tenths5 6/105.6Five Point Six
Five Units and Nine Tenths5 9/105.9Five Point Nine
Six Units and Seven Tenths6 7/106.7Six Point Seven
Seven Units and One Tenth7 1/107.1Seven Point One
Eight Units88Eight
Eight Units and Six Tenths8 6/108.6Eight Point Six
One Ten, Two Units and Five Tenths12 5/1012.5Twelve Point Five


Decimals Number Line

Decimals Number Line

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Matching Decimals and Fractions

Matching Decimals and Fractions 5

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Match the Decimals

Match the Decimals

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