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Roman Day Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas For A Roman Themed Day!

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Sam Collins

Try out some of our teaching ideas for a themed day about Ancient Rome, or during your history and topic work.

If you have any other ideas of your own, let us know by adding a comment!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a news report about an important event, such as the eruption of Vesuvius or the Roman invasion of Britain.
  • Try some of these activities to accompany Jeremy Strong’s book Romans on the Rampage.
  • Look at this list of Latin words. Can you find any that are still in use today? For example, the Latin word for water is “aqua”; we still use it in words such as “aquatic”.




  • Use stop animation to retell a story about the Roman Gods.
  • Write a blog about an aspect of Roman life and share in online.

Design Technology


  • Make some Roman mosaics using squares of paper.
  • Make and decorate a clay pot.
  • Glue cut-out leaves onto a headband to make a laurel wreath.




  • Use our fact cards to write a Roman quiz and test your friends!
  • Research the Roman innovations that are still influential today, for example, sewers and libraries. Legacy of the Romans – e.g. sewers, libraries etc.
  • Discuss the images in our image pack. What do they tell you about Roman life?
  • Create a Roman timeline.
  • Use these resources from the British Museum to investigate Imperial Rome.
  • Research the way of life for a figure from Roman times, and then use hot seating to share what you have learnt. Dress up as that figure and answer questions from the rest of the class!

Physical education

  • Practice marching in formation.
  • Try out some Roman sports, such as running, javelin and weightlifting.

Religious education

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