Sunday, July 21, 2024

Spelling Sparkle

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Carly McGlinchey

I use this game to consolidate children’s knowledge of their weekly spelling words.

You have the whole class stand up behind their chairs. You begin by saying a spelling word, for example – Exploration.

The first student must say the first letter of the word, the second student the next letter, etc..until the whole word has been spelt. Once the word is spelt, the next student says “Explorer Sparkle”, and the student after them must sit down. The aim of the game is to be the last person standing. Students must sit down if they say the incorrect letter.

Usually, I have a time limit of 5 seconds to add to the excitement of the game. At the beginning of the week, some students are unfamiliar with some of their spelling lists, so I usually leave the spelling words on display. Students seem to love the challenge & their spelling improves out of sight!

Lisa says…

I think you should change the rule so a student gets out when he or she makes a spelling error, not being the one after “sparkle”. This way, the student who wins is the best speller-not just the luckiest.

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