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Make A Sentence

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7
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The objective is simply to practise agreement of subject and verb.

I think the basic idea could be used in a variety of ‘matching’ activities.

Each sentence consists of 4 words: Possessive pronoun, noun, verb, and adverb. For example,

  • Their dog barks loudly.
  • His dad cooks badly.
  • My parents sing loudly.

All the verbs are written on blue card, cut up and stuck with blu-tac in one corner of the playground; each noun is written on a piece of red paper and stuck in another part of the playground. Do this for each part of the sentence on a different coloured card.

The children can work in groups and make silly sentences. The only rule is that the subject and verb must agree. We had sentences like ‘My cat barks beautifully’, ‘Her parents climb fast’ and so on.

I did this with a year 2 class in which 3/4 of the class is boys, and we need to do plenty of active learning! I shall try it again with different parts of the sentence, perhaps using was/were had/has is/are.

It was also a very good exercise in collaboration.

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