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by Mark Warner
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Rabbit borrows a book about wolves from the library. He can’t put it down! But soon a sinister figure with sharp claws and a bushy tail starts to creep right off the pages. You won’t believe your eyes – but if you’re a rabbit, you probably should.​

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write your own information report about wolves (or a different topic of your choice). Could you record an audio / video version of the report?
  • Think of some thought bubbles to show what the rabbit might be thinking in the illustrations.
  • Can you think of other stories that feature wolves? How were they portrayed in those stories?
  • Write an interview with a wolf from a famous story (e.g. Red Riding Hood) to find out what the wolf was thinking.
  • This story has an ‘alternative ending’. Can you think of alternative endings for popular stories and fairy tales?
  • Could you write your own story and then create an alternative ending?
  • How many rabbit-themed ‘puns’ can you find in the illustrations and pop-out features of the book (e.g. Carrotenese Take Away, Burrowing Library). Could you use this idea in your own story?
  • Watch this video in which the author talks about her books. What questions would you like to ask her?


  • Look at the dates stamped on the label at the front of the book. Can you find out the differences between the dates?​


  • Find out more about wolves and write a report about them. Where do they live? What do they eat? How are they adapted to live in different environments?
  • Add labels to a drawing (or a photo) of a wolf to show its body parts and adaptations.


  • Use publishing software to design a new cover for the ‘Wolves’ book that the rabbit is reading.
  • Can you design a game in which a wolf tries to catch a rabbit?
  • Record your own read-aloud version of this story. Watch this example for inspiration:

Design Technology

  • This story features a book inside a book. Could you make your own using a similar idea?​


  • Look at photos of wolves (or rabbits) and draw your own illustrations of them.
  • Design a new front cover for the ‘Wolves’ book that the rabbit is reading.


  • Find the location of your nearest library. Can you plan a trip there? What route will you take? How will you get there?​


  • Look at the dates stamped on the label at the front of the book. Can you find out if any important events took place on those dates?​


  • Can you find out translations for ‘rabbit’ and ‘wolves’ in different languages?​

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