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Victor: The Wolf with Worries

Victor: The Wolf with Worries

by Mark Warner
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Victor the wolf has lots of worries. He worries that he isn’t brave enough, that he isn’t big enough and that he isn’t fierce enough. In fact, Victor feels anxious about almost everything. But when Victor shares his concerns with his best friend Pablo, he starts to feel a bit better. And with Pablo’s help, Victor learns even more ways to deal with those pesky worrying thoughts. And as the worries grow smaller, Victor feels a bit bigger, a bit braver, and bit fiercer inside!


  • Think of synonyms for ‘big’, ‘ brave’, and ‘fierce’.
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles to add to the illustrations at different points.
  • Rewrite the story in the first person, from Victor’s point of view.
  • If you could write a letter to Victor, what would you say to him?
  • Can you find examples of direct and reported speech in the story?
  • Victor is a worried wolf. Can you think of any other examples of alliteration (e.g. an angry antelope, an excited elephant)? Could you write a story about one of your ideas?
  • Make an acrostic poem based on the words VICTOR, WOLVES or WORRIES.
  • Write a review of this book for the shelves of a bookshop or an online store.


  • Write a report about wolves. Where do they live? How are they adapted to living there?
  • Design a poster or sign that could be used to teach visitors to a zoo or wildlife park about wolves.
  • Make a food chain that includes wolves.


  • Create a multimedia presentation about wolves.
  • Can you create an animation that shows a wolf walking?
  • Design a game in which a wolf has to be brave and catch something.


  • Create your own drawings or paintings of wolves.
  • Look at the landscape illustrations on the inside covers. Could you create some of your own?


  • Make a playlist of calming songs that you can listen to when you are feeling worried about something.


  • Label the places where wolves live on a world map.

Physical Education:

  • Look at videos that show wolves moving. Can you try to move like a wolf?


  • Think of different types of emotions and sort them into different groups.
  • Victor worries about a lot of things. Are there some things that you worry about?
  • What can we do to deal with our worries? How can we help others who have worries?
  • Design a bookmark that shows strategies we can use to deal with our worries. Use some of the ideas that Pablo shares in the book.

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