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This Moose Belongs to Me

This Moose Belongs To Me

by Mark Warner
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Wilfred owned a moose. He hadn’t always owned a moose. The moose came to him a while ago and he knew, just KNEW, that it was meant to be his. He thought he would call him Marcel.

Most of the time Marcel is very obedient, abiding by the many rules on How to Be a Good Pet. But one dark day, while deep in the woods, someone else claims the moose as their own…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write the prequel to this book, in which Wilfred’s moose met him for the first time.
  • Imagine that Wilfred bought his moose in a shop. Write a story about the unusual shop that sells unusual animals.
  • Write a new story about a boy or girl who has an unusual pet.
  • Create a persuasive advert to encourage people to buy amazing animals.
  • Create a set of instructions to teach Wilfred how to look after his moose properly.
  • Write a list of ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments about whether people should keep pets.
  • Make some speech / thought bubbles for the illustrations.
  • Write Wilfred’s complete list of ‘rules’ for Marcel, to teach him how to be a good pet.
  • Make a list of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of having a moose as a pet.
  • Retell the story from Wilfred’s (or the moose’s) point of view.
  • What is the plural of moose? Make a list of plurals of other animals’ names.
  • Role-play the discussion between Wilfred and the old lady. What might they say to each other?
  • Write a sequel to this story in which Marcel finds another owner.
  • Watch Oliver Jeffers’ top writing tips. Can you make a list of your own top tips?

  • Watch this advert for the book. Can you create your own persuasive advert to encourage other people to buy it?


  • Can you learn more about the moose? Use your research to create a report about them?
    Make a food chain / food web that includes a moose.


  • Look at a photo of a moose and use it as the starting point for your own illustrations.
  • Watch this video (of the author / illustrator) and follow it to draw your own moose pictures!


  • Make a playlist of songs that might be in Wilfred’s record collection.
  • Compare your own playlist of favourite songs with those of other people in your class.


  • What different geographical features can you see in the illustrations?
  • Where is this story set? Can you make a sensible guess about the location of the story? Could you find a suitable place on a map?

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