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The Storm Whale in Winter

The Storm Whale In Winter

by Mark Warner
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It’s winter time, and Noi’s island is covered in a blanket of snow. Even the sea is icing over. Noi is worried about the little whale he saved last summer: Can he survive the harsh conditions? Little does Noi know that it’s the little whale’s turn to save him. A magical and touching story about a lasting friendship.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Read ‘The Storm Whale’ and compare it to this sequel. Which book do you prefer? Why?
  • Could you create your own story based on the title ‘The Storm Whale in Summer / Autumn / Spring’?
  • Retell the story from Noi’s point of view.
  • Think of words and phrases to describe whales.
  • Can you write a description of winter weather?
  • Create some speech / thought bubbles for the illustrations.
  • Write your own story about a person who is rescued by an animal.
  • Write a news report about the boy who was rescued by a whale.
  • Whales are sometimes kept in captivity. Plan and carry out a debate to discuss the different points of view surrounding this issue.
  • Can you write a poem about a whale? This could be an acrostic or a shape poem.
  • Watch this interview with the author. Can you think of other questions that you would like to ask him?


  • Find out more about whales and write a report about them.


  • Design a poster to teach people how to stay safe in the winter.
  • Create a game in which a whale has to rescue Noi.
  • Use video software to create a trailer to promote the book.
  • Watch this animated trailer for the book. Could you create an animated version of a scene from the book?

Design Technology

  • Create a model of a whale.


  • Noi draws and paints whales. Can you create your own illustrations of these beautiful creatures?


  • How is the weather different in winter? Why is this?
  • Find the location of the nearest lighthouse to where you live. Plan a journey there.

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